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Publish your vacancy anywhere and redirect all applicants to AIRA

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Automatically rank all candidates based on their person-job fit

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Sit back and relax while AIRA administers and evaluates the tests and video interviews of your choice

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Communicate with jobseekers at every step of their application process, with automatic yet personalizable messages

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With one click, AIRA publishes your job vacancy, thus helping you obtain more job applicants

  • Supported Job Boards: Your countries´ most popular job portals + Indeed
  • LinkedIn: Posts and job vacancies
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else
  • Career Website
  • References

Automatic CV Ranking

AIRA saves time by showing you the best CVs first

  • Evaluate CVs according to their fit with your job description
  • Evaluate education, work experience, and seniority
  • Measures relevant experience in the vacancy´s job area and industry
  • Measures relevant experience at the position´s grade level

Conduct Video Interviews

AIRA shows video presentations of your candidates

  • Conduct video interviews
  • Applicants answer the questions of your choice
  • Evaluate their presentations automatically using Emotion Analytics
  • Compare candidates easily

Apply Psychometric Tests

AIRA assesses whether candidates possess the right skills for the job

  • Apply psychometric tests
  • Evaluate results according to your selection criteria
  • Generate Candidate Reports with all test results
  • Compare candidates easily

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